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About us

Link2Overseas is a well-known name in the maritime education and training sector. However, over the years Link2Overseas has diversified and specialized in other maritime fields too, like Technical and Crewing Operations, Surveys/Inspections/Audits, Spare Parts Supply, Pre Purchase Inspections etc.

Why Choose Us?

Link2Overseas is located in Punjab (India) and is one of the best Marine Corporation Company providing quality Maritime Education to students for a global career in Merchant Navy.

Link2Overseas ensure you 100% placement of cadets on board ships for Sea-Training and is followed by an intensive final COC3 Training & Certification.

Link2Overseas will guide you to reputed colleges and the training will be conducted by the latest technologies.

Mission and Vision


To bring new IDEAS, INNOVATION & ENERGY to the Maritime Industry with end-to- end solutions for MARITIME EDUCATION, CREW MANAGEMENT & SHIP MANAGEMENT.


  • To provide top quality education and training programs to aspiring as well as existing marine personnel.
  •  To create an HR Solution that benefits both, Maritime Professionals and Maritime Organizations.
  •  To offer an end-to- end Ship Management Solution to Shipping Companies and Ship Owners.
  •  To promote the welfare of Seafarers and the Maritime Community.